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Rekruitmant Pendaftaran Anggota | Charles_Thomson

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Rekruitmant Pendaftaran Anggota | Charles_Thomson

Post by Charles_Thomson on Thu Apr 09, 2015 2:18 pm

Personal information

  ► First name: Charles
  ► Middle name(s): There is no middle name.
  ► Last name: Thomson
  ► Gender: Male
  ► Address: Vinewood
  ► Cellphone number/House phone number: (NONE)
  ► Date of Birth: 27
  ► Place of Birth: Amerika Serikat
  ► Residentship: San Andreas
  ► Education: S2, tentang Hukum
  ► Blood Type: AB
  ► Height: 176 CM
  ► Weight: 70 KG

  License information

  ► Driving License: Yes
  ► Sailing License: (NONE)
  ► Flying License: Yes
  ► Gun License: Yes

  Note: Answer the question with 'Active' or 'Expired' if you have the previous license.

  Biography & Purpose

  ► Do you ever been arrested or charged with a crime activity? If you have,please explain the chronology as detailed as possible: After one day I take a walk in the city center at my beloved dog, and his arrival at the destination I, I Jump met with bank fraud which again pursued by the Police, and it turns out the person who stole it gives all the money that has been stolen her to me, it turns out I've been arrested at police, because I was accused of stealing money from the Bank.
  ► Tell us about your background story: Again in the city center and were enjoying a leisurely stroll along the Road Dog Pet me.
  ► Tell us why you would like to become an Los Santos Police Departement:because I want to enforce the law in the city of Los Santos, because I see from yesterday police were firmly against members and rarely give punishment to the crime my head, hopefully there its me here, will give the best to the residents, members, and Chief of Police once too.
  ► Tell us what would you do if you accepted as new police: I will obey the command of the chief of police for me, except the chief of police was giving messengers no-no.

Vision: I am from the first aspired to become Police and I am very happy with the Police uniform, what else with lecana, Weapons, and his hat.

Mission: GLOW the Law in Los Santos and eradicate the existing Crimes In Los Santos.

  Note: You must answer the question with honest.

(( Out of Character Questionary
   Semua pertanyaan OOC harus di jawab dengan lengkap))

  (( Pertanyaan pribadi))

  ► Nama lengkap: Yulian Ramadita
  ► Nama panggilan: Yayan
  ► Jenis kelamin: Pria
  ► Alamat: Sagubah, Batu aji, Block M nomor 21
  ► Tempat tinggal/domisili: Batu Aji, di sagubah
  ► Tanggal lahir: 27/09/2000
  ► Umur: 14 menjalan umur 15
  (( Pertanyaan kelengkapan))

  ► Apakah anda memiliki mikrofon yang aktif: Ya
  ► Apakah Teamspeak 3 sudah terinstall dan berjalan dengan lancar di komputer anda: Sudah
  ► ISP(Internet Service Provider) apa yang anda gunakan: Speedi yang lancar
  ► Berapa ping anda pada saat in game bercampur dengan Teamspeak 3: 71
  ► Apakah kendala anda pada saat in game, entah koneksi internet ataupun spesifikasi komputer: Tidak ada kendala sedikit pun
  (( Pertanyaan inti))

  ► Apakah tujuan anda bergabung di faction LSPD: Saya suka dengan LSPD, karna LSPD menghubungkan Organization Hukum dan seperti Di dunia nya, kebetulan saya bercita-cita menjadi seoarang Police, dan saya juga suka dengan RP sang LSPD.
  ► Mengapa kita harus menerima kamu di faction LSPD: karna saya Bisa menjawab semua RP dan saya juga bisa menembak dengan laras panjang. Saya juga bisa berRP Saat mau mengejar Gengster, Family, atau Hitman.
  ► Apakah anda pernah bergabung suatu faction/families official: Saya pernah mengikuti, Faction SANEWS, dan Govermant, Saya juga pernah mengikuti Family Drag Of Los Santos.
  ► Apakah anda pernah bergabung families non-official: Tidakanda ikuti


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Re: Rekruitmant Pendaftaran Anggota | Charles_Thomson

Post by Chester_Carlington on Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:54 pm


NB: Story Terlalu Pendek.


Carlos Petterson

"Los Santos Police Departement"

Sotry my Character:
Chester Carlington : Mati (Mafia)
Carlos Petterson = Hadir (Cheif Los Santos Departement)
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